Electrical Engineer – ITT and KTML Projects

Sofreco - Lusaka (Zambie)

Reference C1720-AMO-MBE

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Application Deadline 31/03/2014

Position n° 198

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Duties and Responsibilities

Projet :Lenders' engineer for Itezhi-Tezhi hydro project (ITT) and transmission line Kafue-Livingstone Project (KL) (EIB)

There is a requirement for an Electrical Engineer to report to the Lenders' Engineer for the following projects in Zambia.

 ITT Project (Itezhi-Tezhi Transmission) includes a new 220 kV steel tower line from the Itezhi-Tezhi hydro-electric power station to Mumbwa, a new 330/220 kV substation at Mumbwa, a new double circuit twin bison conductors per phase 330 kV transmission line to Lusaka West and an expansion of the existing 330 kV substation at Lusaka West. These subprojects are financed by the EIB, AFD and AfDB.

Job Qualifications & Skills / Selection Criteria

To review, monitor and report to the Lenders' Engineer all electrical aspects of the design, construction, commissioning and future operational constraints of the substations for the ITT and KTML projects in Zambia. Reports shall clearly identify any area of concern that could result in a risk of the delay of the project completion or shortened life of the facilities.

Référence SOFRECO :C1720-AMO-MBE

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Closing Date: 2014-03-31


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