Compliance and Risk Management Officer (PD 358749)

OMS - Organisation Mondiale de la Santé - Caire (Égypte)

Référence annonce EMRO/14/FT23

Poste publié le 09/02/2014

Type de contrat CDD

Durée du contrat 2 ans ou plus

Niveau d'étude Bac + 5 et Plus

Niveau d'expérience Au moins 10 ans

Date limite candidature 04/03/2014

Poste n° 101

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Contexte / Présentation de l'employeur

Located within the Regional Director's Office (RDO), the mission of Compliance, Risk Management and Ethics (CRE) is to systematically identify Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) risks, and by topic area, maintain a risk register record, evaluate it according to its likely impact and probability, and proactively have it managed by risk management owners. The CRE will seek to periodically review, assess and integrate internal control compliance into all policies and managerial decisions. The CRE will liaise independently with internal parties across the different levels of the organization, developing and presenting to the Regional Director (RD) its annual work plan of delivery of compliance and risk management across the region.

Description du Poste et Responsabilités

Grade: P5 
Contract type: Fixed-Term Appointment 
Duration of contract:  Post of limited duration for two years 

Description of duties:
Purpose of the Post:
To lead the compliance and risk management efforts, by identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in all aspects of programme and office operations, assessing them and providing adequate response to them to achieve programmatic and organizational goals.

Organizational Context:
Under the broad direction of RD, and in collaboration in particular - but not limited to - the Director of Administration and Finance (DAF), the Director of Programme Management (DPM) and programme managers, departmental directors, WHO Representatives (WRs) and Head of Country Offices, the incumbent will be responsible for the systematic identification and assessment of risks - financial, operational, organizational, political, regulatory, environmental, strategic and reputational - for developing and proposing appropriate risk reporting and recording tolls, surveillance systems, and/or policies to measure, address and mitigate the potential threats and safeguard the organization. The incumbent will operate with a high degree of independence, and in consultation with WHO senior management, should be a designer, as well as a facilitator of change. He/she will, in certain risk assessment settings, need to function with minimal current internal guidelines and guidance available, while in other instances internal guidelines will be available against which to base decisions and actions.

Summary of Assigned Duties:
The incumbent will perform the following duties:
In collaboration with organizational entities (e.g. Regional and HQ CRE, LEG, IOS, and EMRO units and departments): 
1. Propose EMR policies and procedures for risk management and contingency planning; develop appropriate tools to systematically record, monitor and report on a wide range of organizational risk areas; and facilitate securing of internal support to mitigate identified risks.
2. Identify internal constraints which undermine compliance with EMRO's programmes and operations, and propose corrective measures; and review the current approaches available on assessing, measuring, and mitigating risks.
3. Follow-up on open internal and external audit reports. Assist WHO Budget Centers (BC) to implement internal and external audit recommendations. Report to RD on status of implementation of internal and external audits.
4. Design tools and propose risk mitigation and compliance measures in hey organizational areas, including inter alia procurement, human resources, finance and security in collaboration with the primary focal points of these respective units.
5. Review the EMR's Business Continuity Planning (BCP) framework, and monitor subsequent updating of the EMR BCP framework.
6. Integrate risk management process into the compliance framework. Articulate EMR risk management accountability frameworks and ways in which accountability can be monitored and measured against.
7. Regularly monitor and report to the RD status of the risk register and be alert to emerging internal risks, as well as the effectiveness of the instituted risk measures.
8. Coordinate the implementation of the annual work plan for risk-based office reviews; and provide clear and consistent updates, analyses and reports on risks and threats to RD with actionable recommendations.
9. Support the development of internal capacity building for risk management at all levels of the organization; develop training tolls in risk management and compliance applicable to the different audiences in the region; and foster a culture of risk management and compliance, raising staff awareness.


Profil et critères de sélection du candidat

Essential: Advanced university degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Finance, Law, Economics or related field.
Desirable: Training in auditing, risk management and programme evaluation.

1. Producing results;
2. Communicating in a credible and effective way;
3. Building and promoting partnerships across the organization and beyond;
4. Moving forward in a changing environment;
5. Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences. 

Functional Skills and Knowledge:
- Understanding complex and interrelationship of factors that create risks to successful accomplishment of the objectives of the EMR.
- Focus on impact and results and respond positively to feedback. 
- Advocate and provide policy advice at senior management level. 
- Use mature professional judgment, reporting independently significant issues directly to senior executives and to the board of directors. 
- Maintain confidentiality and exercise judgment with respect to sensitive information.
- Achieve consensus on weaknesses identified in processes for evaluation and risk management and ways to remedy them.
- Remain open to change and manage complexities.

Other Skills: 
Advance user of computers and office software packages; handing of web based management systems; and using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as Oracle.

Essential: At least 10 years of combined relevant experience at the national and international levels in complex organizations, in the area of general management, internal control frameworks and related monitoring processes and systems.
Desirable: Demonstrated experience in designing, policy development and implementing risk management and internal control frameworks within the UN system or in the private sector is a significance advantage.

Excellent knowledge of English. Knowledge of another WHO official language a definite asset.

Additional Information:
- Applicants are kindly requested to pay attention to the screening questions as they will be used to screen out unqualified candidates.
- Only qualified applicants with the relevant experience will be considered.
- A written test/presentation and interviews will be used as a form of screening. The written test might be used as an eliminatory tool.
- Other similar positions at the same level may be filled from this vacancy notice (this could be the base for rosters).
- Interviews will include competency-based questions.

Annual salary: (Net of tax)
USD 80734.00 at single rate
USD 86904.00 with primary dependants

Post Adjustment: 39.4 % of the above figure(s). This percentage is to be considered as indicative since variations may occur each month either upwards or downwards due to currency exchange rate fluctuations or inflation.

Informations complémentaire sur l'emploi

Secteur d'activité: Organisme international

Type de poste: Temps plein

Horaires de travail: Horaire normal

Langue de travail: Anglais

Rémunération: Montant USD 80734.00

Délai de candidature: 04/03/2014