Corporate Services Manager, APOC

OMS - Organisation Mondiale de la Santé - Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Référence annonce AFRO/14/FT149

Poste publié le 25/03/2014

Type de contrat CDD

Durée du contrat 2 ans ou plus

Niveau d'étude Bac + 5 et Plus

Niveau d'expérience Au moins 10 ans

Fonction / Service: AF Africa (AF) APOC/Coordination Unit

Date limite candidature 22/04/2014

Poste n° 199

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Contexte / Présentation de l'employeur

To establish within a period of 10-12 years an effective and sustainable Community-Directed Mass distribution of Medecines throughout the endemic areas within the geographic scope of the programme; Develop the evidence base and assist countries to determine when and where treatment can be safely stopped, and, if possible, in selected and isolated foci to eradicate the vector by using environmentally safe methods. The attainment of this objective is expected to contribute towards the elimination of Onchocerciasis and Lymphatic filariasis as diseases of poverty, hence promote socio-economic development.

Description du Poste et Responsabilités

Under the direct supervision of the Director APOC, the incumbent will carry out following functions:
1. Serve as the principal Advisor to the Director on all administrative, financial, human resources, information technology, Resources Mobilization, Procurement and logistic matters, and Partnerships;
2. Ensure that the Programme has the necessary managerial, logistic and administrative support, with the required financial, human, and material resources to implement its principal activities and programs of work and properly carry out its technical cooperation mandate at country level;
3. Review and advise the Director on the strategy, objectives, plans and proposed budget for technical and administrative units, ensuring that each unit's biennial plan is aligned with the APOC's mission, vision, values, policies, strategies, and priorities;
4. Oversee and monitor the administration and allocation of human, financial, and logistic resources of the Corporate Services Department; prepare and justify the office's programme and budget proposals;
5. Establish sound policies, procedures, practices, systems and standards that are consistent with WHO Rules and Regulations in order to ensure proper accounting, financial, and human resources management and control, to promote the efficient and effective use of the Programme's resources;
6. Coordinate all matters relating to the safety and security of staff and the protection of the property and assets of the Programme throughout the region;
7. Formulate and propose policies, objectives, strategies, methodologies and resource allocations which will implement the Governing bodies mandates.
8. Review, approve or prepare reports and presentations to Governing bodies on corporate services;
9. Lead and Manage APOC resource mobilisation in collaboration with the fiscal agent;
10. Coordinate in the process of preparation and approval of Memorandum of Understandings (MoU);
11. Lead the process of analysing the external environment on international development aid for health, major donors in health and NTD Partnerships;
12. Perform other duties that may be assigned by the Director.

Profil et critères de sélection du candidat

Formation :
Essential: Master's in one or more of the following areas: Corporate Planning; Economics; Finance; Business Administration

Desirable: Certification in one or several ERP system's modules.

Compétences : 
1) Sound academic records and professional experience in the areas of Administration and Finance as well as engagement with and reporting to Donors.
2) Abilities to implement theoretical knowledge to concrete situation and good training skills;
3) Knowledge of WHO rules and procedures in the areas of General Management
4) IT skills (Microsoft Office and eventually one programming language- ABAP/4)

Abilities to prepare management reports and present them clearly and concisely.
Computer Literacy: Knowledge of Microsoft Office.

Expérience :
Essential: More than ten years of experience in any of the following: Finance, Planning and Budgeting and business administration

Desirable: At least 10 years of experience in WHO or other UN agencies, in the areas of Planning, Budgeting and Finance and Business Administration.

Langues :
Excellent Knowledge of English or French with working knowledge of the other

Traitment annuel (Net d'impôts)
USD 95575 fonctionnaire sans personnes à charge
USD 103400 fonctionnaire avec personnes à charge au premier degré

Ajustement de Poste: 47 % des montants mentionnés ci-dessus. Ce pourcentage n'a qu'une valeur indicative et peut varier, chaque mois, à la hausse ou à la baisse.


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Informations complémentaire sur l'emploi

Secteur d'activité: Organisme international

Type de poste: Temps plein

Horaires de travail: Horaire normal

Langue de travail: Français

Deuxième langue de travail: Anglais

Rémunération: Montant USD 95575

Délai de candidature: 22/04/2014