Orange Botswana - Botswana (Botswana)

Référence annonce AMEA/OBW/HM

Poste publié le 03/12/2013

Type de contrat VIE

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Contexte / Présentation de l'employeur

Orange Botswana is looking for a VIE as a support to local innovation and collaboration project

Description du Poste et Responsabilités

I. Approach of Innovation and of R&D

  • Analyze the ecosystems and present a comprehensive survey of potential opportunities
  • Identify innovation networks and main actors
  • Provide on demand needs studies and illustrate them with use cases
  • Communicate about initiatives launched by various organizations and stakeholders in the 5 sectors
  • Assure easier a relationship for local and regional Orange teams and Orange labs (AMEA, TECHNOCENTRE, BU's) with R&D


II.         Help for supporting R&D and AMEA

  • Take into account the portfolio of projects implemented in the region
  • Get involved in the study of opportunity and feasibility for the setting-up of a R&D structure in the region
  • Identify the new opportunities of research & development (networks, platforms and services) according to the ecosystem
  • Check that the deliverables proposed by R&D meet requirements and needs of local or regional market


III.        Proposal of a lobbying plan with the main Stakeholders

Local and international public organizations

Ministries: Health, Agriculture, Education, Industry, TIC...

French cooperation

Regional bodies

  • United Nations agencies
  • Private companies (including start-ups) involved in the R&D projects process
  • NGOs


IV.       Communication

  • Internal: local correspondent for Orange Labs; share lessons and feedback of experience in the fields
  • promote the local and regional outstanding
  • External: Promotion the achievements of R&D, lobbying


V.        Coordination

  • Share and exchange the experiences with Francophone and Anglophone countries "Orange"
  • Organize and participate to workshops to facilitate experience sharing in the regional area

Profil et critères de sélection du candidat

At a latter stage, if that's found relevant, work on the competitive intelligence and analyze the East Africa ecosystem

  • Political, economic, social, technological and legal analysis
  • Ecosystem analysis: Stakeholders' interviews and documentation review
  • Competitors positioning analysis:

. For the leading competitors

. Sector by sector for the TIC organizations

  • Identification of new areas of research and development




  • listening ability
  • autonomous
  • proactive
  • well organized

Informations complémentaire sur l'emploi

Secteur d'activité: Telécoms et réseaux

Langue de travail: Anglais